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Advance Your Business Competitive Edge with Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

For the purposes of the tutorial we'll use this as the menu to refer to in the free membership package so that Jaaxy can be understood by a greater audience.

The first item on the menu is Keywords.

It opens up into the following similar page:

The first thing to do is type in the keywords you'd like a result for, in the field left of the blue ‘Find Keywords‘ button, then click on the blue ‘Find Keywords‘ button.

Columns show:

Keywords – this is a list of possible combinations of your keyword input

Avg – this is the average number of searches per month

Traffic – number of visits per month to your website if you rank in 1st page rankings

QSR – Quoted Search Results – number of competing websites

KQI – Key Quality Index

  • RED – Not worth it
  • YELLOW – Medium worth
  • GREEN – Great worth

SEO – high ranking scores greater than 100 have a ranking on 1st page

Domains – availability of domains available according to keyword input

Related – related keywords to your keyword input

Brainstorm – quick link to Brainstorm feature

The main idea to remember here, is to choose keywords from your input that result in:

1/ UNDER 300 QSR, ideally 200 – Quoted Search Results


2/ OVER 100 SEO – Exact Searches


3/ Does the keyword phrase make sense to you as a human?

To check if you have understood this correctly, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the competition low? The lower the competition, the better.
  • Is there high traffic? The greater the traffic, the better.
  • Can you make sense of the keyword phrase?

If all the above criteria are met, you have found a great keyword goldmine, now use it to bring in the traffic to your website so you can start earning.


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