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Testimony – Influencer Success – Besting My Best!

The influencer success Testimony By LynneHuy.

You know what I love about Wealthy Affiliate and working online? It is always a work in progress. Every day I am building my website and business – each day it is getting stronger and stronger.

A few years back I was charging about $50 to write a product review or a promotional post on my website and share it on my social networks. Today I charge $360 for a product review – talk about a nice price increase right?

Now while I have a set rate card with services I offer I regularly get contacted by PR companiesnow that need something out of the box – sometimes I give them a quotation but other times they will send me an email with their requirements and give me an offer.

What were the results?

The amazing thing is that very often the offer is a huge amount more than my rates. In fact last year I was asked for my rate card which I sent the customer and they sent me an email back offering me R10 000 (approximately $700) to write and publish a sponsored post when the rate listed on my rate card was $150!

That job took me 2.5 hours from the time I started it until the time I had sent them my invoice and they paid me within 48 hours.

Last year I wrote a few success posts and I love looking back and knowing that I am constantly besting my best. This is what Wealthy Affiliate is about, what working online is about.

And yes this week I am once again besting my best– by a long shot. On Wednesday I am being flown across the country to Benoni, spending the night in a hotel and in the morning attending an event at their factory and then they fly me home again.

All expenses paid trip plus I am being paid R17 000 (approximately $1185) to write a blog post and do a few social media posts as per their requirements.

A testimony to inspire not to boast

Now I am not writing this post to boast, I am writing it to share with the newbies and those that are still struggling to earn their first dollar that Wealthy Affiliate works!

I remember 3 months after joining Wealthy Affiliate my husband laughing at me because he wanted to know how much money I had earned for all my work over the 3 months and I said a grand total of $7.

Also just note that the $7 was not profit, it was income. I had paid in my monthly fee to WA so I had actually made a loss of over $100…

So I went from my earning $7 over a period of 3 months working till 2am every morning in 2015, to earning $50 per product review in 2016 to $1185 for a blog post and social shares in 2019. At this rate of increase I wonder what 2021 will have in store for me? That is all from my influencer success Testimony.

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