When should you monetize your site with Guest Posts?

Monetize Guest Posts: First things First

Just like any other business processes, the principle of first things first applies to online marketing through informative content. The main reason why people search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and any other search engines is that they are looking for a service, answers, help, solution etc., to whatever need that arise to them. Thereafter, your website must be able to provide those answers so that it may be possible to monetize guest posts.

If you choose to deliver this information, choose your niche perfectly. And do a detailed research about the niche of your choice. Now, it is time to write as many articles as possible keeping in mind that you are providing useful information. That which when a visitor lands on your site will get most of the answers before they can try other websites. If this happens, then know that whenever this visitor needs answers to related subjects, their first stop is your site. That way you are guaranteed returning visitors.

Adding Affiliate links to your content

Eventually, you will be adding affiliate links to your content. But distribute your affiliate links in such a way that visitors will not easily recognise that you are marketing. Because most of bloggers end up spanning their own sites. In essence, your first few posts should reveal your intention or educate and inform readers. Avoid revealing your selling intentions. Otherwise, Search engines will categorise your content and site as “spammy” selling site, instead of providing the valuable information that people could be searching for.

Also, it is important to be as open as possible such that reviewers may never find obvious negatives about your site. Even when you apply to join affiliate programs, affiliate program managers will also review and inspect your website to establish your potential to be a valuable affiliate. Thus, they will be trying to determine the originality, relevance, and value in terms of the content that you publish.

Attracting Visitors with quality content.

There is something that is obvious when your blog is still new and you want to monetize guest posts. In the initial stages, it would be difficult to attract guest posts, because it can take up to 14 days for search engines to index your site. Also, the rate at which you add fresh content to your site will also determine the length of time that google and other search engines to rank your site upwards. In principle, it takes several months for a brand-new website to attract visitors.

So, during this early stage of your sites` establishment it is not worthy to monetize guest posts, your guest posters would have nothing to gain by writing for your site. Therefore, it is your responsibility to raise the value of your site, so that both you and your guest posters can benefit from the value chain that you will be creating. You need to gain some authority with Google and other search engines before people would see the benefit of guest posting for you.

Monetize Guest Posts: First things First

Building website search engine authority on.

If you want to quickly build authority for your site, choose a niche. And if you want your niche to be make money online, begin with defining your target audience. The people who you want to give your expert knowledge. Those who are you writing for and will be reading your content. Some niches can be exemplified as: Single moms looking for a side income? Stay at home side income sources? Older women approaching retirement? Middle-aged women looking for a career change? Passive income for the retired?

Thereafter, you need to consolidate your value proposition to your target audience. Research is key, be sure about the information that you are publishing. Make your readers feel served every time they read your content. Hence, you need to write a lot of informational posts that answer their questions, information that provide partial or total solutions to their problems.

Where to get additional Help?

If you do not have all that is needed to write content, there are free platforms that can help you to kick start your online business from a single bogging site to a fully-fledged business. I would suggest that you should check out the 70 lessons in the Boot Camp training, and if you follow them in order and complete all the tasks it will all become clearer to you. Do not hesitate, you can grow your online business and start making real money online by following simple steps.

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