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How to Make Money Testing Products

How to Make Money Testing Products

Make Money Testing Products

Testing Product is as good as trying a new product, and an ingenious new solution to discover, to your excitement and surprise a product you really needed. Have you ever had a problem that made you think of an ingenious new solution only to discover, to your excitement and surprise, that such a product already exists? The world we live in has never been more plentiful, with new products coming out daily.

It’s not only that everything your heart desires is now available with one click, but it’s also that products and solutions keep getting better every single day. Whether or not it has come to your attention, it’s exactly consumers like you that are responsible for developing amazing new products.

And the best part of it is – you can get paid for doing so.

The only thing you have to do is subscribe, test the product, and send your feedback.

Here’s how:

Why Brands Throw Money at Product Testers

The markets are saturated, the competition is fierce, and your favorite brands have no other option but to turn to their customers for help. They do business in a so-called customer-centric economy, after all, which means that every decision they make must be in tune with our needs and preferences.

In order to do that, they must know who we are and what we want first.

The first part is covered by a practice called audience targeting, which serves to evaluate what type of consumer would match a certain type of product or service. The second part – getting familiar with what consumers want and like – demands field research, i.e. letting us test and evaluate their ideas.

The Logic

So, before manufacturing a certain product on a large scale, smart brands send it to chosen consumers for testing. They do so because they need the big picture of how that product will be perceived by their target audience. The more evaluations and opinions they accumulate, the larger that picture is.

Brands test their products for a great number of things, among which performance, functionality, design, and general customer experience with the product are key. Also, these products can be material or digital; beauty companies test their creams and lotions, while IT companies test their apps.

Whatever the case, everything that can be used needs to be tested beforehand.

How to Get Paid for Testing Branded Products

Make Money Testing Products

The amount of money that brands invest in testing new products could never be as big as the amount of money they can lose if those products turn out to be a market failure. Simply put, brands are more than happy to give you their money. The only thing they ask in return is your honest opinion.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to test products for money.

1. Find a Reliable Product Testing Panel

If you want to test products for money, you must find a reliable product testing panel. Be wary of sites and panels that aren’t legitimate. ySense Offers, for instance, provides one of the best and most trustworthy platforms for completing offers for cash.

Their offers range from testing tangible products and new services to signing up for demo versions of websites and watching videos. Basically, they offer testing for everyone’s taste. Since 2007, when ySense launched its first offer, the platform has rewarded its testers with more than $33 million.

2. Sign Up and Complete a Short Survey

Because product testing panels must match brands with their target audience, you’ll be asked to do a short survey that will determine whether or not you’re suitable for testing a certain product. You must belong to the right demographics. Otherwise, your feedback won’t be of great significance to them.

3. Test the Products and Make Money

If your survey shows that you’re eligible for testing the product, you’ll receive an email with further instructions either from your chosen panel or from the brand itself. In most cases, they’ll send you a product straight away, along with a questionnaire to fill in. Give your honest feedback and get paid.

It’s simple as that.

Product testing at home is another great opportunity to earn some money on the side by doing nothing except for what you already do best – being a diligent consumer. Simply try and review.

Start making money testing products and completing offers today with ySense.

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