Rewarding Moments – Susan

Rewarding Moments: Susan

Freelancers have the benefit of work flexibility. But choosing the right platform is key. Sunan chose Swagbucks to do surveys, simple tasks for gift cards.

Susan (Swag Name: susan1932) is from York, Ontario, Canada, and has been a member since 2019.

Here is what Sue has to say about Swagbucks:

I am a freelance chef and there was absolutely no work in our industry as all events, conventions, etc. were canceled.  Along with doing the surveys, I think I have the most fun doing Swagbucks live every night with my daughter.  We do it together and find it challenging and fun at the same time.  It also gives us a few minutes to spend together. 

I save my points every year until just before Christmas and that is how I buy my children their Christmas gifts. They love getting gift cards from the local stores for clothes and beauty products. I splurge on a puzzle for us to do over the holidays which is a family tradition.  It really helps at that time of year.  It’s coming up quickly.  Thanks, Swagbucks!

Who is Susan

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Susan, we have issued 1,000 SB to your account. We hope you had a great Christmas this year and you were able to finish a new puzzle with your family!

What is your rewarding moment?

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