PeanutLabs give you access to surveys from leading brands and research firms, paying you for your users’ opinions. In addition to surveys, we host great marketing offers from popular brands. Offers are a rapid revenue stream.

Earn up to $10 Per Survey every day from Sunday to Saturday

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People love sharing their opinions, especially when they get rewarded for them. PeanutLabs give you access to surveys from leading brands and research firms, paying you for your users’ opinions. With higher engagement rates than traditional ad clicks, surveys are the most profitable way to monetize your traffic.

Step 1 – Complete Your PeanutLabs Profile

Complete your profile so that researchers can show you surveys targeted toward your profile. Simply click the PeanutLabs logo on the homepage to get started. Once you're there, start by completing the profiler at the top of the PeanutLabs offer wall! You may be taken to a page to answer more qualifying questions and if so, answer these as well!

Step 2 – See Available Surveys

Once you've completed your profile on PeanutLabs, view all the surveys available. Surveys refresh often so be sure to check in daily. Remember, all surveys have a maximum number of completions, so don't delay!

Step 3 – Complete & Earn!

Once you've completed a survey, you'll receive the credit within 10 minutes. Once you've earned at least 5150 points, head over to our rewards store to get your favorite rewards!


6 Replies to “Earn up to $10 Per Survey daily with PeanutLabs”

  • John Levick says:

    If I could give this lousy rotten company minus 100 stars I would gladly do so. They never ever have the decency to answer any emails, they are a total waste of space and have not got the common courtesy to respond! Who on earth owns this two-bit outfit? No one has ever anything good to say about them as evidenced by these unanimously BAD reviews! Never give any points away for surveys, block you from entering without neither reasons nor warnings, I cannot understand why they haven’t been driven out of business as they certainly deserve to! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    • Gilles Leblanc says:

      Peanut Labs offers you a survey, lets you spend 15 minutes answering questions, and then responds, “Sorry, based on your response, you do not qualify for this survey”. It would be fine if it happened occasionally or after just a few questions, but this has been 5 surveys in a row and they all took me 10+ minutes! I wasted nearly an hour and didn’t even get $0.30. What a scam of a company. Don’t waste your time.

      • Emma Densley says:

        I started competing surveys for peanut labs through Swagbucks and at first, got loads of surveys done. After two weeks 90% of the way through it would just stop working or tell me I had completed the survey and the points never added on. Today I have not qualified for one survey and now I am permanently suspended for no reason.
        It’s a con that as soon as you get a few points they get rid of you.

  • Deepshikha Mishra says:

    Recently I have been suspended from doing this provider’s surveys on the sites I use and getting “Bad Gateway” errors when it tries to load. No VPN No Proxy and have been a constant moneymaker for years then all of a sudden, “Suspended” for no reason!

    Update: I HAVE been reinstated but… I complete surveys and have nothing credits!! So it is a ??

    • Sharron Jones says:

      Peanut labs have suspended my account on several survey sites saying I broke their rules. I do not remember breaking any rules. I am glad they are a scam outfit so I don’t feel bad getting kicked out.

  • If you’ve never completed PeanutLabs surveys before, it's quite simple!

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